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Zero Water Heavy is powerful but safe enough for heavy-duty & industrial cleaning jobs!


Zero Water (Heavy) is purified, ionized alkaline water made with advanced Japanese technology. It is certified by Green Label Singapore as an eco-friendly product. 


It is a professional cleaner specializing in heavy-duty and industrial cleaning tasks. With a pH of 13.1 created by alkalic ions, it helps to remove stubborn stains effectively and effectively dissolve oil stains from engine or extreme dirt build up. It is best to use on industrial machines and areas which are sensitive to chemicals.  


Suitable on: 

  • Production plants 
  • Manufacturing facilities 
  • Car Industries 
  • Other industrial or medical eastablishments 

Zero Water Heavy pH 13.1 (5 Litres)

  • Water Content  99.15%
    Potassium Hydroxide 0.85%
    pH Level  pH 13.1

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