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About Us

Thick Blue Smoke
Thick Blue Smoke

Our Company Overview

AP Enterprises started from a fascination with non-toxic cleaning products.


We identified a need for a cleaning product that is safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.


That formed the start of AP Enterprises and fueled our passion to provide safe cleaning products to everyone.


With this, AP Enterprises became the exclusive distributor of Zero Water – an ionized alkaline water that is biodegradable, safe for cleaning areas with human contact and gentle on surfaces.


Imagine a safe cleaning product that allows you to sanitize and clean surfaces without any rinsing required!

Our Business Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide the highest quality cleaning products for healthy, non-toxic living and natural environments.


Through our commitment to our people and safe products, we lead the way in providing value to our customers and other stakeholders.


We aim to become a world class distributor to meet safe cleaning needs and provide quality products on time at a competitive price.

Our vision is to be the most valued business partner of all our customers that promote safe cleaning alternative choices in the cleaning industry. We believe everyone has the right to live and work in a clean, safe, and enjoyable environment.

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